Why hire CEO Juice

about 3 years agoAugust 4, 2016
i just listened to the 30 sec. overview of CEO Juice, it states your sweet spot is 20+ license users of eauto. we are only 6, which makes me worried that your pricing model would be too expensive for a small dealer like us, even though some of what you reference are struggles that ALL dealers encounter.
Jason K
over 2 years agoMay 2, 2017
Hello, Our copier company has 5 seats in automate and I would like to find out about pricing of CEO juice and also what it would take to implement it. Please contact me asap.
Jeff Foley
over 1 year agoApril 10, 2018
we have have 8 seat licenses, but we only use 6.  Doing about $100K per month.  What would this cost us?
Gary Lavin
over 1 year agoApril 10, 2018
Jeff, the rate to hire CEO Juice starts at $500 per month for 10 or less licenses, I'll email you details.
Bill Horrigan
over 1 year agoMay 9, 2018
We have 6 seats and would be interested in the lowest pricing for that amount of seats...Do you have a program for the smaller dealers ?
Gary Lavin
over 1 year agoMay 9, 2018
You can see our pricing below Bill, but it starts at $500 per month which would be your rate.
6 months agoMarch 27, 2019

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